QR Pharma

QR Pharma provides temperature controlled air freight for air cargo pharmaceuticals, offering both active and passive solutions in cold chain logistics.

Our dedicated Pharma Express flights enable healthcare companies and their logistic partners in the pharmaceutical industry to transport cold chain pharmaceutical products globally.

By investing in sophisticated technology and a team of highly qualified staff, we guarantee the integrity and quality of air freight medicine products throughout the supply chain.

Active Solutions

Our active temperature controlled containers (including Envirotainer, CSafe, DoKaSch and Va-Q-Tec units) are specially designed to maintain a constant temperature during the entire transportation chain – ideal for transporting pharmaceutical products.

Adavanced Passive Solutions

Our environmentally friendly, advanced passive containers (including SkyCell and va-Q-tec units), are designed to provide a hassle-free transportation keeping the internal temperature of the container within the desired range for extended hours of operation.

Passive Solutions

Our passive solutions – offering 2 temperature ranges of controlled cool (+2 °C to +8 °C) and controlled room temperature (+15 °C to 25 °C) – are designed for time and temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals that are pre-packaged by shippers with suitable and qualified passive packaging.

Why Choose QR Pharma?

  • 74 approved pharma stations on the Qatar Airways network
  • Active and Passive solutions
  • Late cut off times
  • High loading and handling priority
  • Quick Ramp Transfer (QRT) at the hub
  • Temperature controlled vehicles at the hub eliminate temperature exposure
  • Dedicated Climate Control Team

Pharma Express flights

Our Pharma Express flights were launched to cater to the rapidly expanding global pharmaceutical industry. We are extremely proud to be the only international air cargo carrier to offer dedicated Pharma Express flights to the world’s major pharmaceutical and healthcare industry hubs.

  • Brussels - Basel - Doha route
  • Mumbai - Ahmedabad - Doha route
  • Hyderabad - Doha route
  • These routes are served by the Airbus A330 freighter, offering 65 to 68 tonnes capacity

For bookings and enquiries, please contact your local office.


Qatar AirwaysQR Pharma approved stations list

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